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aug 26 2013
By: HvK
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Now you think… what is this about.

We are RELAUNCHing our wedding-photography.

I was several times international weddingphotographer within the BIPP and the MPA.

I also have my MasterQEP in wedding/fashion and portraiture.

So yes I did quit some weddings. Till I decided to stop in 2004/2005.

We changed to Portfolios of max 8 images, shot on location. What is called the Bridal-shots.

So the market is dropping very fast in wedding, and it is the perfect moment to start up again.

We call this:

The New Weddingphotography

Less is More

Emotion, written in imaging

Out of the pixels

I will update you what we do.

To built up a new customer-base for this, we first wrote a newsletter to our customers:

Who wants to have a free wedding-photographer, including album and more….. worth 5000 euro’s?

So we did our first full day wedding since 9 years. Now I did with Christina (my wife)

who is also trained to be a photographer.

Christina has her own photography now: So Woman (click here to see here Dutch website)

This is a marketing-process still.

And as soon this works, I will update in this also.

The full concept of our wedding-photography I will show when I finished the wedding-album.

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